Visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens is one of its most visited locations in Birmingham. You will find beauty, peace and tranquillity combined with breath-taking displays of nature to be discovered in the gardens and glasshouses.
The main glasshouse, situated in the centre of the gardens has the most varied collection of diverse plants in a small apace compared to other parts of the Gardens. The hot humid atmosphere is just right to simulate the conditions needed for these equatorial plants. Walking through this glasshouse gives visitors the sense of a tropical rainforest feel.
The main Lawn is especially popular in the summer for picnics and is indeed the hub of the gardens, inviting visitors to leave the formal terrace and explore the more remote regions beyond.
If you prefer quieter surroundings then you may want to visit the red-brick cottage, manifesting a medley of architectural styles. The cottage provides a natural setting for a collection of old favourite plants reminiscent, at least in the public imaginations of the cottage gardens of the last century.
There is something for all the family to enjoy at the botanical gardens, while the parents anjoy a nice stroll through the gardens, the kids can enjoy this ‘hands on’ interactive garden. The Garden is designed in the shape of a flower. The entrance, via a willow tunnel, takes visitors up the stem path to the flower. Here, each petal contains interactive exhibits where children can get a real ‘feel’ for the natural world.
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