7 Essential Gadgets for Business Travellers in 2024

Travelling for business can be a hassle – but it doesn’t have to be. With these gadgets and accessories, your next business trip is guaranteed to run more smoothly than ever before.

1. Portable Battery Pack

It’s an all too familiar scenario: you’re barely half-way through your day and already having to turn your phone to power-saving mode. Queue the panic as you search for a power socket to get ten minutes’ worth of juice on your phone – just enough for Google Maps to get you to your next meeting on time. Portable battery packs are the best insurance, and there’s a whole range to choose from and prices range from £5 to £30+. Simply charge the pack before you leave and top up your phone power on the go. Our personal favourite is the Hyper Pearl Mirror and USB Battery Pack, which doubles up as a compact mirror.

2. Portable Computer Keyboard

Combining excellent portability and ergonomic benefits, portable computer keyboards mean you can work away on your emails, presentations, and reports with ease. Portable keyboards come in a range of styles; some can be folded and stored in your laptop case, others are super lightweight and can be neatly rolled up. Simply connect to your laptop, tablet, or phone via Bluetooth, wifi, or with a USB lead and you’re good to go. Our top pick is the Old Shark™ Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

3. Global Travel Adapter with USB Ports

Some gadgets come onto the market and have you asking yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” Global travel adapters with USB ports are a simple idea, and so useful, that you’ll wonder how you travelled overseas without one. There are plenty of brands and models on the market, but they’re all designed to do pretty much the same job. The Tevina Travel Charger has two USB ports with a lightweight yet sturdy design.

4. Bluesmart Smart Suitcase

Ever wished your suitcase could charge your devices, weigh itself, be located anywhere in the world, and have a self-locking system? The Bluesmart Smart Suitcase is the answer to the modern business traveller’s prayers. Coined a revolution in luggage, the Bluesmart Smart Suitcase is an investment that’s worth every penny. Having won awards for its design and integrated technology, the suitcase meets all international carry-on requirements and even has an app, which tracks your travel.

5. Smart Padlock

Losing keys and forgetting padlock combinations are a thing of the past. Smart padlocks are the ideal personal security solution for business travellers, and are controlled via your phone. With added features like tamper alerts and options to share access with other people, the Master Lock is a frontrunner that covers all eventualities. Phone out of battery? Simply enter the directional code on your lock keypad. 

6. E-readers and tablets

Perhaps not a new concept, but still a great one. E-readers and tablets are the smart and easy way to take your library anywhere with you. Lightweight and compact, there’s a whole host of models to choose from. The most recently released designs include higher resolution screens, more readable fonts, built-in, ergonomic background lights, and longer battery life. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite eReader is a solid choice. 

7. Mobile Wi-fi

Ever wished you could access your own personal wi-fi service? Now you can. Mobile wi-fi devices allow you to connect to your own, pre-paid hotspot anywhere, so you can access your emails, listen to music, and stay connected during your trip. There are multiple models and packages to choose from – contact your mobile network provider to see what they can offer.