A costume affair

One of the things that dominate our society today is fashion. Both men and women often share that love for fashion and a passion for looking good. But do you know where everything comes from, what people wore long ago? If not, and if you are interested in finding out, take a weekend trip to Manchester.

Here you will find the Costume Gallery, a museum of historic clothing. This museum is sure to tickle the fancy of fashion slaves the UK over. There is just one problem isn’t there? What about accommodation? Surely kipping out on a friend or relative’s couch will not do. What you need are serviced apartments in Manchester.

Making the most of a fashion history

The Costume gallery is well worth a visit, inspiring and nostalgic. Not to mention the fact that you will love modern day fashions even more after you see what people wore back then. Manchester serviced apartments make the perfect accommodation for any trip to the beautiful Manchester. They are affordable and they range from simple and modest to luxury serviced apartments in Manchester.

The type you choose depends entirely on you and your travel budget. Bring friends along to make the serviced apartments in Manchester even more affordable, how’s that? Well, these apartments are rented by the night and not per person.

This means that a group trip is a brilliant, cost effective way to enjoy the best Manchester has to offer and more. Take a trip down fashion’s memory lane and get away from the mundane for a bit, you won’t regret it in Manchester.