A Dark Knight for London…

We here at Serviced City Pads are used to providing accommodation for people travelling to major events all across the UK – Take That shows, The F.A. Cup, the Grand National, the list goes on and on. However, once in a great while an event comes along that is so amazing that even we veterans of the serviced apartment business are taken aback. Such an event comes to London in 2011. What is it? What event could be so earth-shakingly unbelievably exciting?

Only one word is needed… Batman.

That’s right, the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight himself is coming to London‘s O2 arena in a live-action show full of action and special effects. From 24th August to 4th September 2011, you can see Batman Live, a night that should be unforgettable for anyone lucky enough to attend. The show features a completely new story written by highly respected comics writer Geoff Johns and will see our hero do battle with all his famous nemeses from Poison Ivy to the Penguin to the Clown Prince of Crime himself – The Joker! As an ardent admirer of Batman in all his various guises (from the classic Batman comics of writers such as Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Jeph Loeb which each showed us different sides of “The Bat,” to the summer blockbusters of film genii such as Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan) this humble scribe can hardly wait to see what the stage show will bring. There’s a lot to be excited about – these shows should be absolutely mindblowing!

One thing that isn’t quite so exciting is worrying about accommodation for the night if you’re travelling from afar to take in this most unusual of shows. However, if you get in touch with us here at Serviced City Pads, we can take care of that side of things for you so you can anticipate the experience of Batman live at the O2 free from all that stressing about finding somewhere to stay. We at Serviced City Pads have listed on our site apartments all over the capital, and are working to add more all the time. We can help you find a serviced apartment in which you and your friends can have the time and space to relax in before and after the show, and for the same prices that you would normally pay for a hotel room. It’s not hard to see why the serviced apartment is fast taking over from the traditional hotel room as the accommodation of choice for many people; with the vast majority of serviced apartments having living rooms and dining areas and fully fitted kitchens, they are a home-away-from-home for the discerning traveller. Why not give Serviced City Pads a call or e-mail so we can help you to enjoy the delights of your own serviced apartment as you prepare yourself for the spectacle of Gotham City’s iconic crimefighter?