A Group Outing in Bristol

Many people like to celebrate special events such as birthdays, hen nights or stag nights in style by going away for a long weekend to a different city, where they will be able to celebrate for days rather than just a few hours. Bristol is a popular venue for many, with a great combination of restaurants, bars and nightlife as well as plenty of areas to explore during the day. Serviced apartments in Bristol can be ideal for a trip of this sort, simpy because the rules and regulations of a hotel won’t apply.

Bristol is also within easy reach of London by train, which means that a day can be spent sightseeing in the capital city. One of the easiest ways to reach Bristol from anywhere in Great Britain is by air, as it is much faster than travelling by road. If you are only staying in Bristol for a long weekend you will be hoping to make the most of your time, and not travelling needlessly. Thus, opting for a plane trip can save valuable time.

For many groups of people gathering together to celebrate a special occasion, a hotel seems to be the obvious choice, and Bristol airport hotels are convenient for this purpose. However, the airport is eight miles away from the city centre, which is where you will find most of the nightlife. An apartment in the city centre would be a more convenient option, as well as providing good economy. Group celebrations often work out quite expensive as Bristol airport hotels are not the cheapest option, whereas the cost of an apartment can be shared between the whole party much easier.

Her at Serviced City Pads we have many serviced apartments in Bristol which are situated in the city centre, close to all amenities which will make your stay in Bristol perfect.