A museum for children of all ages

Museums draw crowds from far and wide and the more unique they are the more people they draw to them. Every city in the UK is bound to have a museum of some kind, but not all of them have a Museum of Childhood.

Edinburgh, on the other hand, has just such a museum to offer you. History boffins and inquisitive people alike are drawn to this museum that has been devoted to children throughout the ages.

Family outings

In our modern day and age it can be difficult to get your children to accompany you to a museum or any place of cultural or historical interest. To put it simply, a lot of old things gathering dust isn’t a child’s idea of fun. However, the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh, has more to offer adults and children than simply a collection gathering dust.

This museum is crammed with toys, games, clothes, and so much more that gives you an insight to how children in Edinburgh and all over the world grew up through the ages. Be warned that this museum is labelled as the noisiest in the world, a sure fire feature to grab a child’s attention.

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