A new musical stage for Liverpool

Liverpool is undoubtedly a bustling and vibrant place right now; a city on the up. You only have to blink and you will miss something.

Although the city has an incredible musical heritage, from The Beatles to Echo and The Bunnymen, it has always grated that many bands touring the UK simply miss out Liverpool from their schedule.

Why? Because there was nowhere big enough for them to play.

This is all about to change with the January opening of The Liverpool Echo Arena, which sits proudly on the famous waterfront, just a stones throw from the imposing structures of the three graces.

I spent some time on the acc (Arena  and Convention centre)  website (www.accliverpool.com) this afternoon and realised what a big difference that this space age looking building was about to have on the city and its economy, just by scrolling through the already impressive list of acts that are due to take to the stage through 2008.

Now, my point is not about musical taste, but more so about this city having a big enough venue to host acts such as Westlife, Rihanna, The X Factor Live, Backstreet Boys, Shayne Ward, Girls Aloud and Boyzone, to name just a few, who are all appearing at the Echo Arena before the end of June 2008. These are all acts that will sell out the 10,000 seater with little fuss and this will act as a massive boost to the local economy and the perceived status of Liverpool amongst the national media. Previously, fans would have had to travel to Manchester and beyond to see their idols, but the building of the Echo arena has put Liverpool very much back on the touring map for many big selling acts.

Even more exciting is the fact that the Arena will host the MTV Europe Music Awards 2008, only the third time the event has been held in the UK (previously held in London and Edinburgh). This is a massive coup for Liverpool to host what is a truly prestigious pan European musical extravaganza that really backs up the European Capital of Culture tag.

So, you have bought your tickets, but where are you going to stay?

Liverpool still has a chronic shortage of decent quality hotel rooms available to visitors at the best of times, nevermind when ten thousand concert goers descend on the city.

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