A Place to Stay in Belfast

There are many occasions when you would like to visit a different city for an event ,but have to consider whether you would be able to return home the same day or stay in a hotel. This could occur when you are going to a family event, a sporting event or maybe to see a show or do a spot of sightseeing for the weekend. One of the latest sports to emerge is ice hockey, which has become extremely popular over the last decade.

Belfast has a very talented and popular ice hockey team, the Belfast Giants, who play their home matches at Odyssey Arena. Of course, fans of opposing teams like to travel to away games to give their support to their favourite ice hockey team, and staying for one or two nights in one of the Belfast airport hotels – depending upon the number of games being played – is a much more convenient option than travelling long distances within a day.

There are two airports in Belfast and plenty of Belfast airport hotels, but often you find that they are crowded and quite noisy – especially at night. If you are travelling as a family, Belfast airport hotels can work out very expensive as most families require two rooms. A better value alternative is a serviced apartment in Belfast, which will work out cheaper than a hotel and provides the choice of eating in the apartment or dining out. Here at Serviced City Pads we provide a maid service as well as high quality apartments, so you can relax in style.