A Weekend in Manchester

Manchester has developed into a truly international city and over the last 2 decades, the city centre has changed beyond all recognition and has always been a popular city. The following parts of Manchester may be of interest if you are visiting in the near future. I contacted Serviced City Pads who supply Serviced Apartments in Manchester with a large range in the city centre, if you contact the reservations team on 0844 335 886 a member of the team will be delighted to help you.
Northern Quarter – This area of the city has developed into a bohemian quarter home to many independent clothing stores and craft shops, during the evening the Northern Quarter is very popular as many trendy bars and clubs are in the area.
Museum of Science and Industry (also known as MOSI )– Manchester has long been associated with Science and the museum has a large focus on steam and avionics where the city of Manchester has excelled. The museum also has a actual piece of the first rail line from Manchester to Liverpool, visitors can sit on the actual stream train that would have made the journey, my mother and her sister couldn’t resist and enjoyed the quarter of a mile track to the edge of the museum to really feel what it would have been like on the very first steam trains. One particular event at the museum is how cotton is made; this profiles the arrival of cotton into the cotton factory where machines turn it from thick bales into fine cotton. This cotton is then used on machines to turn it into sheets of cotton for either clothing or bedding purposes, Manchester produced so much finished cotton, it names was synonymous throughout the world and countries as far as Australia and New Zealand would call cotton ‘Manchester’. After your trip through the last few hundred years of Manchester you can relax and have lunch or afternoon tea and cakes in the restaurant, I would allocate either morning or afternoon for this very interesting tour of Manchester’s past.
Manchester Chinatown – This area just off Mosley street and near Piccadilly is several streets mainly of restaurants and wholesale food stores but well worth a visit for the feel and also the very popular restaurants. The Chinese community started to come prior to the Second World War and opened Chinese laundries, this migration continued after the war with the Chinese farmers from rural parts of Hong Kong arriving as their land was being swallowed up from large building work.
Stay in Manchester and have a wonderful weekend.