Accommodation for London International Mime Festival 2012

If you like to be entertained, but in a quieter fashion than usual, then why not head down to London in January for the 2012 International Mime Festival. Or even plan your trip for next year’s January 2013 event? The festival is the longest running of its kind in the world having first been established in 1977 and it was founded by esteemed international theatrists Joseph Seelig and Helen Lannaghan. Most people who arrive for the festival really enjoy their stay in London, so why not get down yourself and see what all the fuss is about?

The festival has got rave reviews from critics and is an excellent example of contemporary visual theatre. There are shows to suit all types of audiences; from high-end conceptual drama, to family friendly kids show and everything in between, there is plenty at the Mime Festival to entertain every body. The festival takes places over 6 venues across the city; Barbican Centre, Jacksons Lane, Royal Opera House, Roundhouse, Soho Theatre and the Southbank Centre. These are all located across the centre of London, but with the city’s excellent transport system, including the highly extensive tube network, then you are only a short ride away from any of the locations.

For anyone looking to travel down and get some accommodation in London, then you may be overwhelmed by the number of hotel options to choose from. However a type of accommodation a lot of people may not consider is booking a serviced apartment in London. With serviced apartments you can rent a whole apartment rather than just a hotel room, so you get more space, and also the use of your own kitchen and separate bedrooms. This means you aren’t limited to having to spend lots of money eating out in restaurants or sub-standard hotel food and you can sort yourself out! Whether you want to go all out and cook a full roast dinner, or you patience/skills are limited to whacking a frozen pizza in the oven, a serviced apartment would be great for anyone.