Accommodation near Birmingham University – The Prime Ministers Debate

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The University of Birmingham is a British ‘Redbrick’ university. Founded in Edgbaston in 1900 as a successor to Mason Scienic College, and we origins dating back to the 1825 Birmingham Medical School, it was the first British University to gain official royal charter in the 20th century. The university is ranked 10th nationally by the Times Newspaper in the UK in 2008, the University is ranked high in the fields of music, physics, biosciences, computer science, mechanical engineering, European Studies and law. Birmingham sport’s activities have been consistently ranked within the top three in British Universities competitions for the past 15 years. Short stay in a Birmingham Serviced Apartment.

The University recently hosted the BBC Prime Minister leadership 3rd and final debate prior to the 2010 General Election. The three candidates current Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Conservative Party Leader David Cameron and Liberal Party Leader Nick Clegg had a televised leadership debate in the Great Hall to showcase each parties policies to the national prior to election day on May 6. Serviced Apartments are quickly seen as a great alternative to Hotels in Birmingham

Although the earliest begginnings of the University were previously traced back to the Birmingham Medical School which is linked to William Sands Cox in his aim of creating a medical school along strictly Christian Lines, unlike the London medical schools. Further research has now revealed the roots of the Birmingham Medical School in the medical education seminars of Mr John Tomlinson the first surgeon to the Birmingham Workhouse Infirmary, and later to the General Hospital. These classes were the first ever held outside London or south of the scottish border in the winter of 1767 – 68. The first clinical teaching was undertaken by the medical and surgical apprentices at the General Hospital, opened in 1779. The medical school which grew out of Birmingham workhouse infirmary was founded in 1828 but Cox began teaching in December 1825. Queen Victoria granted her patronage to the Clinical Hospital in Birmingham and allowed it to be styled ‘The Queens Hospital’. It was the first provincial teaching hospital in England. In 1843 the medical college became known as Queens College.

The university has been invloved in many important inventions and developments in science. The cavity magnetron was developed at th university in the Physics Department by John Randall, Harry Boot and Jim Sayers. This was vital to the Allied victory in World War II. In 1940, the Frisch-Peierls memorandum, a document which demostrated that the atomic bomb was more than simply theoretically possible, was written in the Physics Department. The university also hasted early work on Gaseous diffusion in the Chemistry department when it was located in the Hills building. Many windows in the Aston Webb building overlooking the former fume cupboards were opaque from being attacked by hydroflupric acid well recent years. If you require Serviced Apartment Accommodation in Birmingham please contact the Serviced City Pads Reservations Team on 0844 335 8866.