Accommodation that stretches the pound

Liverpool has so much to offer visitors. Whether it is from a tourist point of view where the cultural interests are numerous, or from a business point of view. Either way, accommodation would be the very first place to start when planning your trip.

We at Serviced City Pads can offer you the very best advice on serviced apartments in Liverpool that would best serve your needs. Whether you need single accommodation or are travelling as a group, we have a lot of options to choose from when deciding on serviced apartments in Liverpool.

Hotels are normally the first type of accommodation folks look at. But consider serviced apartments in Liverpool. In renting a Liverpool serviced apartment, you would have more space to move around and even to cook dinner if you were in the mood.

For the business man, this type of Liverpool accommodation would offer privacy and space to entertain business clients in a more casual and comfortable way, and can be found as close to conference centres as is convenient. For the family, the kids would not be confined to one little room like a hotel and you would have space to relax after a busy day out. For the celebrity, luxury serviced apartments in Liverpool provide much needed privacy where you can relax.

The biggest bonus of all is that renting a Liverpool serviced apartment is actually cheaper than going to a hotel, and is just as smart and upmarket as most hotels. So you can stretch your pounds a little further by saving on accommodation and having more money to spend on the things you enjoy most.