Adding new serviced apartments Birmingham

Serviced City Pads is the Liverpool based company that specialises in the booking of serviced apartments in many locations across the UK. With strong organic listings in both Manchester and Liverpool, the company is growing and seeing it’s Google rankings improve in Birmingham, London and Edinburgh.

Chris Rose, Managing Director at Serviced City Pads commented, “We are working in a competitive industry. It is really important that potential customers; whether they are leisure visitors to Birmingham or corporate clients working in London; can find us. It’s not only about these people finding Serviced City Pads, we need to have the market presence that enables the guest to trust our brand. It is all very well appearing in the “Sponsored Links” section of Google. These ads are paid for and many customers are aware of this. I don’t think you can sustain a growing business by only having sponsored links. 

Of course, this becomes self fulfilling, as our website becomes more trusted the more people will visit and it then becomes more trusted by virtue of an improved ranking for the most pertinent searches.

The Servicd City Pads website now stands on the cusp of page 1 for the seach term “serviced apartments Birmingham” which will mean that the volume of traffic (guests) looking for accommodation in Birmingham will begin to rise. This means that we have to sharpen our customer offering of Birmingham apartments

As well as looking to add to the listings of serviced apartments in Birmingham to our site, we will be speaking to our current operators about enabling current listings to book online. We are finding more and more of our apartment bookings (particularly leisure visitors) are coming directly from the website. It isn’t a difficult or time consuming job for serviced apartment operators in Birmingham to maintain availability online at In turn this really increases the credibility of the company with the customer.

We believe that Birmingham offers a great opportunity to grow our business. City breaks in Birmingham aren’t in the same league as with somewhere like Edinburgh or London. However, the big opportunity is for people visiting Birmingham for a conference or staying in Birminhgam with work. The corporate accommodation market in Birmingham is much bigger than in Liverpool or Manchester.”

If you own or manage serviced apartments in Birmingham and don’t currently have your apartments listed with Serviced City Pads, then please give us a call on 0844 335 8866. Listing your apartments with us is FREE of charge and rates of commission are very competitive.