Affordable Festival Fun In Edinburgh

Festivals are fun, travelling to another city is fun and adding to your life experiences is absolutely fabulous; but is it affordable? Festival tickets, food, drink and transport already burn a hole in your pocket when you go and be part of the cultural event that is a festival.

Then you have to have accommodation of course, which is unless you want to sleep on a park bench out in the cold UK weather. Nobody likes the prospect of a seedy hotel that offers affordable rates, affordable hotel rates bring the quality into question.

Longer festivals that run over a few weeks banish the prospect of camping in a tent, not that sleeping on the ground in the mud is enticing at all. The only other option is to stay in a top notch hotel that will cost you an arm and a leg or put you into debt for several months, or is it?

Serviced apartments for festival goers

Edinburgh offers a wealth of festivals, the most well know is probably the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. This festival runs over several weeks and incorporates large and small musical events across the city. Taking a holiday trip in time to catch this lengthy festival can prove cost effective if you choose to stay in a serviced apartment.

These city pads offer you a homely feeling while you are on holiday and they don’t burn a hole in your bank account. This leaves you with enough money to enjoy your stay and to see and do everything you can possibly squeeze into your stay.