Alternatives to Birmingham Airport Hotels

There are plenty of Birmingham airport hotels on the market, offering accommodation ranging from budget to boutique to high-end luxury. And, especially if you’re on a flying visit, booking a hotel near the airport may seem the easiest option.

But what many people don’t realise is that Birmingham airport hotels aren’t the only place to stay in this vibrant, busy city. One alternative which you may not have considered hiring a serviced apartment for your stay.

Serviced apartments work as well for business trips as they do for personal jaunts. A serviced apartment can be a family base or a venue for work meetings and a place to stay while away on business.

The great advantage which this kind of accommodation has over Birmingham airport hotels is the extra space– a whole apartment rather than just a room or two – with the freedom to please yourself and come and go as you wish. A serviced apartment can also provide the perfect place to unwind after a hard day’s work.

When it comes to catering, serviced apartments really come into their own. If you’re on a budget or just don’t fancy going out, a fully kitted out kitchen means you can sort out your own meals. If you want to save money but can’t face cooking, grab a takeaway or order in. Of course, Birmingham has a fantastic range of eateries when you do fancy going out in Birmingham, including its famous Balti belt. With serviced flats, the choice really is yours.

At Serviced City Pads, we have dozens of serviced apartments across Birmingham at prices which beat Birmingham airport hotels hands down, especially for longer stays, and during the week.

Whatever brings you to Birmingham, check out our web site before you start looking into Birmingham airport hotels.