An Apartment To Complement Your Business

Many companies have branches and departments all over the United Kingdom, especially in the retail and finance sectors. In order to keep business running smoothly it is essential to have employees travelling to different locations to deal with business matters on a regular basis. Entertaining corporate guests is also a feature of a popular company with many meetings and conferences scheduled throughout the year.

When travelling on business to large cities such as Cardiff, it is usual to charge the cost of accommodation and meals to your company, usually consisting of booking hotels in Cardiff and expensive dinners in restaurants. When working away from home there is normally paperwork to be dealt with as well as entertaining clients which can prove difficult in a hotel room.

When you have guests or business clients visiting your premises it is courtesy and sometimes obligatory to provide accommodation which is usually a hotel room. Staying in a hotel can be a very impersonal option and doesn’t always provide the best impression upon your guest. Finding alternative corporate accommodation in Cardiff for instance, can be quite difficult. There are many apartments available to rent in Cardiff but, as with hotels, it can be a complicated process trying to find corporate accommodation in Cardiff which is good value as well as tasteful.

Here at Serviced City Pads we have a large range of serviced apartments in Cardiff and are able to offer an apartment to suit you whether it is for an employee, a guest or a client. We use a monthly invoice system for your convenience. Our apartments offer taste, value as well as comfort.