Apartment accommodation in Leeds close to the City museum.

The Leeds City Museum re-opened to the public in 2008 thanks to a successful bid by Leeds City Council for National Lottery money, having been closed for several years beforehand. Now the place has been open again for a while and had a chance to get its feet on the ground and get in the flow of things, it would be a great time to go and visit the museum to enjoy everything there is to offer. Leeds is developing into a modern and culture city so it would be wise to make the most of it and look to stay in Leeds for at least a few days to full appreciate what is to offer.

The museum was first established in 1819 and 2 years later was made open to the public. For over a hundred years it took pride of place in the centre of Leeds on Park Row but it became heavily damaged during the Second World War in 1941 after heavy bombing from the naughty German Nazis. It was closed in 1965 and remained so until recently when the museum moved into the Leeds Mechanical Institute on Millennium Square.

Probably the most famous of the exhibits in the museum is the Leeds Tiger, a stuffed tiger that the curators actually wanted to get rid of, but after a campaign from the Yorkshire Post and much support from the local population, they decided to keep the tiger in the museum as a main attraction.

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