Are you planning a business trip to Liverpool?

Liverpool is a city with many booming businesses and a great deal to offer. Businessmen and women from all over the world are regularly required to visit the city and this means they require high quality accommodation. If flying in from another city in the UK or another country, many of them want to stay close to Liverpool airport as this is a practical solution.

Hotels near Liverpool airport are available but can be undesirable. Small, cramped bedrooms and high prices make hotels in this area undesirable.

However, the development of luxury serviced apartments in Liverpool now means travellers to the city have a tempting alternative. Serviced apartments are located throughout Liverpool and some are in the vicinity of Liverpool airport too. You don’t have to stay in hotels near Liverpool airport to be close to where you need to be.

Serviced apartments are fully furnished with high quality furniture and fittings, offering you somewhere comfortable and relaxing to stay. Whether arriving at one of these apartments after a flight, a hard day at the office or a few hours before you are scheduled to depart, you will find it the perfect place to rest and prepare yourself.

We at Serviced City Pads have an impressive selection of serviced apartments in Liverpool. Our apartments are available in various different sizes and can be tailored to a range of budgets too. If you are planning a visit to Liverpool, consider staying in one of our luxury serviced apartments – you won’t be disappointed.