Away on business in Glasgow?

Glasgow is a booming city with many thriving businesses. It is often a destination for corporate trips and can be an enjoyable city to visit even when away on business. For those who are travelling to Glasgow on business, high quality accommodation is required.

Glasgow hotels can be the obvious choice when looking for somewhere to stay but hotels do not always offer the best quality and value at the best price. If affordable hotels are chosen, the standards of it may be rather basic. Small hotel rooms, basic facilities and busy communal areas are often complaints heard from corporate guests.

When travelling away on business, it is important to find somewhere comfortable and spacious where you can relax and spend your time. Being stuck in a small and noisy hotel room can be quite depressing and can make it challenging to both work and sleep. It is often the case when away on a corporate trip that a few of those away wish to get together to plan or just to unwind. In a hotel, this can be difficult because there is always so much going on and because space is restricted.

The solution to these problems are serviced apartments. A serviced apartment provides the perfect corporate accommodation in Glasgow. These apartments are spacious, fully-furnished and are ready for the wants and needs of all guests.

At Serviced City Pads, we know our luxury serviced apartments offer the highest standard of corporate accommodation in Glasgow whilst still remaining affordable. Our apartments are the ideal accommodation solution.