Belfast – The Place to Be

Belfast is a fast developing city in Northern Ireland, being the second largest in Ireland. Although, it is relatively easy to travel around Belfast, as there is an efficient bus service as well as plenty of taxis to be found. A point to remember, however, is that although as Belfast International airport is around sixteen miles from Belfast city centre, taxis tend to be rather expensive.

Since the late 90s Belfast has seen much development, with more and more businesses settling there. The shopping centres are plentiful, as well as a bustling nightlife with plenty to do for everyone. With increasing business taking place in Belfast with employees and business men travelling from all over Great Britain and overseas, Belfast International airport hotels are often busy and crowded for this reason. For anyone travelling on business this can be distracting – especially if they want a quiet place to work from the hotel.

When travelling on business, Belfast International airport hotels offer convenience at a fairly low cost initially, but making phone calls and using the Internet can soon add up to a huge bill. For anyone who has to hold a business meeting whilst in Belfast, there is the additional cost of hiring a suitable room for a conference, plus food for the guests.

Here at Serviced City Pads we have serviced apartments in Belfast conveniently located for both the city centre and Belfast International airport. Our apartments are well placed away from the noise of the airport but close enough to the life of the city. Our prices frequently work out much cheaper than a hotel, with the cost of using the Internet included in the hire charge. A serviced apartment in Belfast also guarantees much more space and amenities when compared to generic hotel rooms.