Book a serviced apartment in London for the Lord Mayor’s show.

Come November 12th 2011 the Lord Mayor’s show will return to the streets of central London to see in the reign of the latest Mayor of the City of London. The Lord Mayor is not to be confused with the Mayor of London. The Lord Mayor is appointed every year and outlandish public parade that is made of his inauguration reflects the fact that this was once one of the most prominent offices in England. The Mayor of London, which has only existed since 2000, is an entirely different role and represents the Greater London Authority. For anyone heading down to London for the event, why not try a serviced apartment as your choice of London accommodation? Serviced City Pads have a wide selection of serviced apartments to choose from so why not get in touch and see what can be offered.

The event itself has been running for hundreds of years dating back to 1535 and consists of an elaborate street parade as the Mayor travels from the City of London to the Royal Courts of Justice where he or she swears their allegiance to the crown. The show is quite unique in that the procession is actually longer than the route, so the head of the procession will arrive at the destination before the tail has even began. Personally that seems like poor planning and pushing the limits of the duration and entertainment value of the procession. Either make a longer route if you want to make the procession bigger or reduce the amount of people and floats in the procession. 3 miles long and with around 6000 participants, surely some would be happy to stay watching on the tele (BBC One now run a special show that follows the procession so if you can’t be bothered to get down to London yourself then you can watch it in the comfort of your own home. Or you could get a London serviced apartment and watch it from the comfort of the lounge in the apartment.)

It all began in 1213 when King John (same one from Robin Hood? I’m not historian) awarded the City of London the right to choose its own Mayor. The one condition was that the Mayor has to swear his allegiance to the crown every year by travelling up river to Westminster. That way there would be no sneakiness. These days the Mayor no longer travels by boat, or by horse. However don’t get carried away, he also does not rock up in a F40 or DB9, nor does he drive his hybrid car or cycle down London’s many safe and inviting cycle routes. He travels in a big coach thing with lots or pretty designs and colours so as you know he’s important. He is accompanied by military displays, marching bands, acrobats, dancers, displays of wealth and charity and symbols of London’s ancient strength and resolve.

The show always takes place on the 2nd Saturday of November which this year is on the 12th. If you’re heading down to London to view this spectacular spectacle, then you will surely be looking for some London accommodation for your stay. If you’ve never tried them before, then have a go in a serviced apartment whilst you are staying in London. You get the use of a whole apartment for your stay so you’re not trapped in the 4 walls of a London hotel. Also the nature of the accommodation is that they are self-catering apartments so you can eat what you want, when you want instead of being stuck eating in expensive restaurants.