Book your UK holiday 2010

It is becoming increasingly obvious that holidays in Europe are becoming too expensive for the majority of UK tourists. This may seem like a sweeping statement but there are 2 reasons to back up this argument:

1. Relative strengh of the Euro

2. Weak economic conditions in the UK

The strength of the Euro (and weakness of the Pound) has meant that when we travel to Europe our UK money buys us much less than it had done in previous years. So if you have the same amount of money to spend on your holiday in Europe it will buy less food, drink and accommodation than it had done in previous years. As the Euro strengthens it becomes increasingly affordable to stay in the UK and book a London serviced apartment, or an apartment in any other UK city, through Serviced City Pads.  

UK tourists have also claimed that many countries that are new to the Euro have taken advantage by significantly “rounding up” on many items during the conversion process. So, that has become a double whammy. A glass of wine in Paris has probably almost doubled in price over the last 5 years, and that’s before inflation is taken into account. 

Aside from a staycation in London, you may consider a hotel in Edinburgh, or a serviced apartment in Manchester. The UK has more to offer than many of it’s residents even realise.

A weak UK economy has meant that many people have either lost their jobs or become less confident about what the future may hold with their employment. This in turn has meant that rather than booking an expensive holiday abroad, maybe two weeks in Florida or Marbella, it seems like a better option to go for a short break in the UK. A city break in London is often a very popular choice as there is so much to do and see – Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, plethora of art galleries, Buckingham Palace, fantastic restaurants in London and that’s even before we mention the shops! You have saved money by booking your stay in a London serviced apartment, so you can afford to blow a few pounds in the shops of London.

Of course, the weak pound has meant that it has become cheaper for European tourists to visit London (infact all UK cities) as their Euros now buy them more than ever before. This fact has meant that more European tourists are visiting the UK than ever before, staying in serviced apartments London that have been booked through companies such as Serviced City Pads.

Serviced apartments are more popular on the continent than in the UK as they have been around for much longer as an alternative to staying in a hotel. Apartments in London are becoming a very popular form of accommodation, and maybe this is partly driven by European travellers who are comfortable with the benefits offered by staying in a serviced apartment. It’s clear that an apartment is now seen as a credible alternative to a hotel in London.

So, if you are considering staying in the UK for your 2010 holiday then booking an apartment for an extended city break in London might be the answer. This would certainly be a good value holiday and a great chance to explore your home country.

You can enjoy city breaks in many UK cities if you book your accommodation with Serviced City Pads. Why not give us a call on 0844 335 8866 and the knowledgeable reservations team will help with your booking.