Booking London accommodation for Winter in the capital.

If you’re travelling to London this winter to see whatever, then when looking for your London accommodation then why not try a serviced apartment? London is a really happening place so there are always things going on, so get down there and see those things.

Winter is a cold time of the year caused by the tilt of the Earth. The further away you get from the Equator the more noticeable the difference is between the seasons. This is because the Earth’s axis does not rotate perfectly perpendicular to the sun so for most of the year the top or bottom half is tilted closer or further away to the sun so drastically changes the climate. At its extreme at the poles, during the peak of Winter they do not get any daylight or sunlight, depending on which pole you are at.

As London is in the Northern Hemisphere, the coming Winter means that the nights are darker and the weather is much cooler so you’d be advised to wrap up warm. On the other hand places in the Southern Hemisphere such as Australia and South Africa, will have their Winter during June/July/August so that’s why on Neighbours you might have got confused when it’s really hot over Christmas. Even though Neighbours is actually a soap and not a documentary (and just so we’re being completely clear, by ‘a soap’ we mean a soap opera in the television meaning of the word, not soap as in baths and Fight Club) the show still accurately portrays the seasons as actually experienced in Australia.

If you are going to be in the capital this year searching for London apartment accommodation, then you will want to wrap up warm. This should definitely involve a coat, most probably a combination of hat/scarf/gloves or maybe all three if it’s really chilly. Also whilst searching for London serviced apartments, Flip-flops are definitely off the cards, as well as similarly airy footwear options such as sandals and those pathetic little plastic jelly things that 4 year old girls wear “jelly shoes.”

For those looking for London serviced apartments this Winter why not try giving Serviced City Pads a ring and see what there is to offer. With plenty of serviced apartment options across London, no matter where you’re looking to stay you can usually always find somewhere to stay near where you need, and if not, the London Tube network is so extensive that you can be several miles away but only several minutes away. London serviced apartments are a great alternative to hotel rooms and you get lots more space than you would in an equivalent hotel.