Booking London Apartments

London is the financial capital of the world alongside New York as well as being the home to the headquarters of most of the UK’s top 100 listed companies and more than 100 of Europe’s 500 largest. Hundreds of thousands of people visit London every day for business and more often than not they will be looking to stay for an extended period of time. Most people’s first thought will be to look at hotels, but nowadays it’s serviced apartments that are becoming the number one choice for accommodation in London. As seen around the rest of the country, serviced apartments are growing in number and popularity in London and it won’t be long before hotels will overtaken as the number one choice when people think of accommodation.

It’s easy to see why too. To compare staying in a serviced apartment to a hotel is like comparing Portugal to North Korea in the World Cup. It’s a whitewash. You are getting more than double the amount of space in an apartment compared to a hotel of a similar standard, which is not only good practically, but mentally too as it means you aren’t stuck inside the same four walls you would be in a hotel. Apartments have their own kitchen which means you are free to cook and eat whatever you want in your apartment, without being forced to expensively eat out or stick to the hotel food. Whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver/Delia Smith type and want to whip yourself up a risotto or Thai curry or you just want to throw a frozen pizza and some wedges in the oven, you have the choice and freedom to dine how you wish. The simple luxury of being able to kick back on a comfy sofa and watch TV or a DVD as opposed to stuck in your bed all evening and all night gives you so much more in an apartment that you get from a hotel. Serviced Apartments in London really are the way forward when visiting if you want to stay relaxed and refreshed when conducting your business in the City.

If you’re working in admin or Clerk and you’re tasked with finding accommodation in London it can often seem like a daunting task with some many places to choose from, all seeming to have astronomical prices and no availability. However help is at hand, and free help too. Serviced City Pads can do the work for you with our account management service designed to save you time and take all the hassle out of searching for and booking serviced apartments in London. Just one quick call or e-mail to our expert and professional Reservations Teams and they can find what’s available for you. Using Serviced City Pads you will also benefit from our corporate rates, specially set up to save you money when making long booking in London and other cities across the UK.

Next time you’re face with booking apartments in London, give Serviced City Pads a call on 0844 335 8866 or visit to see how easy we can make it for you.