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Dean House 1 Bedroom Apartments
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Apartment Address
Dean House, 38 Upper Dean Street
B5 4SG

Check-in Details

07.06.2021 (16:00)

28.06.2021 (10;00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
2  /  2

Apartment Breakdown

2 x 1 Bedroom Apartments

Additional Notes

Rate Includes 2 On-Site Parking Spaces

Guest Contact
Andrew Matthews, James Shannon

Client Contact
Graham Group fit out

Cost Code

Office Origin


Price Per Night

£130 +VAT

Total Cost

£2730 +VAT

Arrival Process

Hi Andrew and James,

Welcome to your new apartment, please make your way to the following address and check-in.

Reception is Open on Monday from 9 am to 5pm, outside these times will be self-check-in. See details below.

Premier Suites Birmingham

Dean House

38 Upper Dean Street


B5 4SG

Late Arrival / Contactless Check-in Instructions

Check in is available from 15:00pm onwards. Check out is before 11:00am.

Our car park is located down the service road between the travel lodge building and the King of Kings restaurant on the left hand side. There will be a large black gate with a silver “PS” sign above it. The code to unlock the gate is:5050. Please note this gate is manual and will need to be pushed to open once unlocked.

Approach the front of the building and you will see a keypad on the right-hand side of the main door. Press the key symbol button. Then press 1940then press the key symbol button again. This will give you access to the building. Please ensure that the door locks behind you.

Please wear a facemask in our reception area and whilst using the stairs/lift in compliance with government regulations. Please utilise the hand sanitiser dispensers provided before and after inputting the codes. Thank you for your co-operation.

When in the reception foyer, you will find a wall mounted safe opposite the stairs, and next to the table and chairs. To get into the safe type in the code 225588# and then turn the dial clockwise. In the safe there will be an envelope with your surname on it. In this envelope will be the keys to your apartment and information about the apartments and a copy of the door and car park code.

The Spar convenience store next door is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Spar supplies many essentials such as milk, bread, butter etc. There is also a Tesco Express Store just a 5 minutes’ walk away from the Apartments (B4 4TP). It’s easy to walk to, when leaving the building please turn left, go inside the Arcadian centre, walk up the stairs straight in front of you. Walk straight past Las Iguanas Restaurant and James Dahl Indian Restaurant then take a left turn, you will see the Tesco is located on the right-hand side.  

For any problems, during office hours please call us on the landline on 0121 666 4444. For out of hours emergencies, contact 07970 702 716 a duty manager on call.

Terms and Conditions


Weekly in advance


Non Required


3 Days

Thank you for choosing Serviced City Pads as your accomodation provider. We hope you have an enjoyable stay.

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Phone: 0844 335 8866
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