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Gloucester Quays 2 Bedroom Apartment
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05.07.2021 (16:00)

22.12.2021 (10:00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
2  /  1

Apartment Breakdown

1 x 2 Bedroom Apartment

1 On-Site Parking Space

Additional Notes

***Extension from 26.11.21 to 22.12.21, additional 26 nights***

***This Project has the potential to be extended***

***Extension from 19.11.26 to 26.11.21, additional 7 nights***

***Project Manager Change, Andrew Reynolds will move in 02.08.21***

***Extension of from 29.10.21 to 19.11.21, additional 21 nights***

***Extension of 6 nights from 23.10.21 to 29.10.21***

***Check-in date moved back to 05.07.21 duration remains the same, new check-out date of 23.10.21***

***Extension of 17 nights from 13.09.21 to 30.09.21***

***New Project Start Date of 14.06.21, duration the same. Potential of Project to be extended by few weeks***

***Site Code Added***

Guest Contact
Wilbert Speedy, Andrew Reynolds

Client Contact
Graham Group fit out

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Arrival Process

Full Address: Flat 7 Mariners Court, The Docks, Gloucester, GL1 2EH - the building is next door to The Tall Ship restaurant and opposite the The Docks Car Park GL1 2DB (if using an older sat nav it may be worth you putting in the docks car park postcode as the building is new so sometimes doesn’t show up always.)

We have a key safe box onsite so you can retrieve your keys please see instructions below. Please note the keys will be available from the time of check in including the parking space.

As you look at the building (Mariners Court) you will see the front door and then to the right are apartment windows. Go past that to the end of the building where there is a side gate. It is coded the code to enter the side gate is: C1862X please ensure you close the side gate afterwards. Once through the side gate walk up the path and you will be in the car park. Find parking space number 7 (the numbers are on the floor of the space) on the wall in the parking space is the master lock box. 
Flat 7 code - 1927
To open the box pull down the black leaver next to the first digit and whilst its held down pull the box out towards you to retrieve your keys. Please ensure the boxes are closed back up and number combination is mixed. You don't need to go back out the side gate you can go through the main gate now where the cars come through. To open this there is a large fob with black rubber buttons on your keys hold the top one down and this will open the gate. Please note when leaving the car park in your car you do not need to use the fob if you drive towards the gate it will automatically open for you. 

Once at the front door to the apartment block on the left is a black sensor you need to wave the round blue fob over this to buzz the front door and push the door open. 

Flat 7 is located on the 1st floor. 

Further details:
In each apartment on the tv stand is a welcome book this has information regarding the apartment and the Wifi code.
Should you wish to use the bin store for your rubbish this is located in the corner of the car park for recycling and general waste. There is a code for this - C1678Z. 
Please note this is strictly a non smoking apartment. 

Terms and Conditions


1 Month in Advance 


None Required


30 days

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