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Linlithgow Studios
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Apartment Address
Court Square, Linlithgow
EH49 7EQ

Check-in Details

28.08.2023 (16:00)

25.01.2024 (10:00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
1  /  1

Apartment Breakdown

1 x Studio ( We will be aiming to place Gary into a Duplex Apartment from September onwards )

Fully Equipped Kitchenette with 2 Hobs, Microwave Oven

Fridge, Freezer

Communal Laundry Facility

Weekly Clean/Change of Linen 

Free On-Site Parking

Additional Notes

***Dates Full Booked will be 22.09.23 to 24.09.23***

Guest Contact
Gary Scott

Client Contact
Graham Group fit out

Cost Code
Linlithgow - HG21

Office Origin


Price Per Night

£119 +VAT

Total Cost

£17612 +VAT

Arrival Process

Sent Prior to Check-in

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Monthly in advance


None Required



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