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Guestrow Studio Apartments
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Apartment Address
AB10 1AS

Check-in Details

28.04.2021 (16:00)

07.05.2021 (10:00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
11  /  11

Apartment Breakdown

1 x Standard Studio Apartment

Complimentary Breakfast Included 


Additional Notes

Guest Stays As Follows

Peter Jozsa - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Ali Goldstone - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Sian Jones - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Emma Teasdale - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Lauren Connolly - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Alison Henry - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Janine Levison - 28.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 9 Nights

Catriona Munro - 29.04.21 to 07.05.21 = 8 Nights

Kirstie Dixon - 01.05.21 to 07.05.21 = 6 Nights

Danielle Burrows

- 27.04.21 to 30.04.21 = 3 Nights

- 04.05.21 to 07.05.21 = 3 Nights

Joanne Mc Carthy - 03.05.21 to 06.05.21 = 3 Nights

Guest Contact
Peter Jozsa, Ali Goldstone, Sian Jones, Emma Teasdale, Lauren Connolly, Alison Henry, Janine Levison, Catriona Munro, Kirstie Dixon, Danielle Burrows, Joanne Mc Carthy

Client Contact
H & M

Cost Code

Office Origin


Price Per Night

£87.50 +VAT

Total Cost

£7482 +VAT

Arrival Process

This Apartment operates a 24 Hour Reception, please make you way to the above address and the team will check you in.

Dear Danielle and Team,

Thank you for choosing to stay at Guestrow Serviced Apartments. We are looking forward to welcoming you. Please make your way to the following address and check-in at Reception.

Residence Inn Guestrow Apartments



AB10 1AS

Please see below some information that may be useful to know prior to your arrival.

Public Areas / Face Masks;

Hand sanitizer stations are now positioned throughout the Apartments. A one-way system is in operation on the ground floor of the Hotel and we would ask that you follow this accordingly and maintain a safe distance at all times. Face masks must be worn in all public areas.


We have a contract with the Loch Street carpark at the Bon Accord Centre. On entering you will receive a chip and we can validate this at the Hotel reception to apply discount. This discounts the parking to £10 per 24 hours, usual price is £15 per 24 hours.


Guestrow Serviced Apartments offers a complimentary breakfast for all of our guests. At present this must be ordered the evening prior every day for each morning of your stay and you may choose from either a continental or hot breakfast bag that is collected from the Lounge area each morning.


Fitness Room – open 24 hours for 1 household at a time

Market - open

Laundry room – open 24 hours for 1 household at a time

Lounge bar – closed

If you have any queries regarding our facilities or need further directions please do not hesitate to contact us on our direct number 01224 061190.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Guestrow Serviced Apartments.

24 Hour Reception Number; 01224 061 190

Terms and Conditions


Prior to check-in


None Required


Cancellation 72 hours

Thank you for choosing Serviced City Pads as your accomodation provider. We hope you have an enjoyable stay.

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Kind Regards,
Serviced City Pads Team

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Phone: 0844 335 8866
Email: Reservations and Bookings