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Covent Garden 1 Bedroom Apartment
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Apartment Address
36 - 38 West Street, Covent Garden

Check-in Details

05.02.2023 (16:00)

17.02.2023 (11:00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
1  /  1

Apartment Breakdown

1 x 1 Bedroom Apartment

Guest Contact

Client Contact
H & M

Cost Code
10051017/ 1it07021

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Price Per Night

£185 +VAT

Total Cost

£2220 +VAT

Arrival Process

Hi Lorenzo,

All our apartments operate on a self check-in and check-out basis - hence the details below are of utmost importance in order to gain access.

Property Name: West Street by Q Apartments

Type of Apartment: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Property Address: 36 West Street, London, WC2H 9NB

Apartment Number: 1

On your arrival at the building entrance, please enter the `Building door code`. Please proceed to your apartment and enter the `Apartment door code` on the key safe next to your apartment door. The apartment key will be available inside. Please ensure the Key Safe is locked and your individual apartment code is removed.

Property Entrance Code: 4379*

Apartment Entrance Code: 5620

Covent Garden station (5 mins walk)
Tottenham Court Road station (6 mins walk)
Leicester Square station (6 mins walk)

WIFI Username: WestStreet01

WIFI Password: UKWSQA-0001

24 Hour Customer Services Telephone Number:

Telephone: +44 (0)20 3404 4040

WhatsApp (Messages Only): +44 (0) 7734 997000

Should you wish to check out after this time we would recommend booking your apartment for an additional day. This will be subject to availability, and authorisation from your company (if applicable) will be required as additional rental charges will be incurred. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee a late check out otherwise.


Please put all sets of kets in the Key Safe available next to your apartment door. 'Apartments entrance code' should be used to open the safe.

Terms and Conditions


Prior to check-in



Cancellation Policy

7 days


Thank you for choosing Serviced City Pads as your accomodation provider. We hope you have an enjoyable stay.

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Phone: 0844 335 8866
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