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Division Lane Studios
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Apartment Address
The Point, Division Lane
S1 4DB

Check-in Details

04.05.2021 (16:00)

23.07.2021 (10:00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
5  /  5

Apartment Breakdown

Studio Apartments

Additional Notes

***Following 4 guests will stay additional night Friday 16th July, Michael Feeney, Chris McErlain, Chris York, Richard Thumann***

***Michael Feeney will be replacing Michael Molloy on 14th & 15th July, Room will receive a full clean on Wednesday prior to arrival***

***Tim Smyth will replace Paul McLean for next week, Tim Smyth will be checking in from Sunday 11th July for 5 Nights***

***Richard Thurman will replace Stephen Garvey form next week for 2 weeks***

***Additional 1 x Apartment required 05.07.21 to 09.07.21, 4 Nights for Paul McLean***

***Additional 1 x Apartment required 28.06.21 to 02.07.21, 4 Nights for Paul McLean***


***New Project Start Date - 04.05.21, 4 x Apartments required ***

Monday - Friday Stays 

Potential for Project to be Extended

Car Park ( No Height Restriction ) next to Apartments. £2 from 4.30pm to 8.30pm, thereafter Free Overnight

Guest Contact
Michael Molloy ( Michael Feeney), Chris McErlain, Chris York,Stephen McGarvey (Richard Thurman ), Paul McLean ( Tim Smyth )

Client Contact
Dawson Wam

Cost Code

Office Origin


Price Per Night

£65.50 +VAT

Total Cost

£13325 +VAT

Arrival Process

In accordance with Government Guidelines, we are operating 'Contact Free' check in. We will leave the keys to the apartment in a key box within The Point where your apartment is booked ready for you to collect.

Please notify a member of our team if you are quarantining at any point during your stay.

The full address for The Point is:

The Point
1 Division Lane
S1 4DB

24 Hour Guest Telephone Number: 0114 399 5800

  • When arriving at the building on Division Lane, you will see a glass door with the Kspace branding (Facing the car park).
  • To the left of the glass door, you will find a door entry pad with numbers on.
  • Please press the bottom right button first (looks like a door opening) and then enter the code 2179.
  • The door will then make a buzzing sound to show you have entered it correctly and you will be able to push it open.
  • You will then need to make your way to the first floor to collect your keys, using the lift to your left or the stair to your right.
  • Locate the key boxes on the wall just outside the lift
  • Your keys will be inside box 3, please enter the code 47960 and turn the dial to open

         You will be staying in apartment number 303 on the next floor

Your keys will be inside the following boxes, please enter the codes and turn the dial to open.
If you enter the code wrong, simply press the middle switch down to cancel and start again.
Inside the box, you will find 2x keys with numbered tags on them.

Please do NOT reuse the key box once your keys have been collected during arrival.

If you lose one of your keys during your stay, please let us know as soon as possible so we can order a replacement.
Please be aware that there will be a charge of £30.00 per lost or damaged key.

Inside your apartment

Once inside your apartment, you should find everything you need for a comfortable stay.

You have a full kitchen complete with appliances, cooking utensils, crockery and glassware.
In the unlikely event that one of your appliances does not work, please let us know and we will try and get a replacement to you as soon as we can.

The apartment has ultrafast WiFi which is free for you to use.
To connect to the WiFi, please search for the Kspace network on your device and enter the password.

Network:  Kspace Ultrafast

Password: homefromhome

The SMART TV is already connected to the WiFi for you and ready to use.
It has a large selection of pre-loaded streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV etc.

If you have your own accounts for these apps, you are more than welcome to log in and utilise them.
Please do not forget to log out of all your accounts before checking out of the apartment.

The hot water in your apartment is all switched on and ready to use when needed.
Please be aware that the hot water tanks are not on a central heating system and therefore only hold a certain amount of hot water before needing to refill.
The amount is enough for 2x people to shower etc.
However, there is a chance that it may run out if both people have taken long showers.
If this is the case, please leave it for 30 – 60 minutes for the tank to refill.
We kindly ask that you do not try and manually boost the heating systems as this can change the timer settings on them.
If the hot water is running out regularly from only short use, please let us know and we will ask one of the maintenance team to have a look for you.


If your stay exceeds 7 nights our you will receive a weekly clean by out housekeeping team. During this time the housekeepers will change the bed linen and provide fresh towels. They will also wipe the sides that are clear, hoover and mop the apartment. Following government guidelines, our team will be wearing the appropriate PPE to carry out their work safely. They will also be following the government advised social distancing rules of keeping distance for others, we also ask that you keep to this advice whilst our team are in your apartment.

If for any reason you would not like our team to be entering your apartment for a weekly clean we can also offer a Linen Drop off instead. Where our team will drop off replacement linen to your apartment. If you would prefer this method please do let us know at your earliest convenience so we can get the scheduled in.

Should you need to dispose of any rubbish during your stay, the bin stores are located outside of the building.
When exiting the main door on the ground floor, turn to your right and you will see a metal door with a sign that says ‘Bin Store’.
The key for your apartment will also open the door for this.

Please dispose of any rubbish using the correctly allocated bins.
Please ensure the door is fully closed and locked before leaving.
Do not leave your bin bags in the corridors as they can damage the carpets outside the apartment.
Each apartment will have a spare bin bag which can be found under the sink in the kitchen area. 

In the event of an emergency please vacate the building as quickly and safely as possible using the stairs within the building.

Please do not prop open the internal doors as they are fire doors.

The apartments stay quite warm, however there is electric wall heaters in each room should you wish to use them.
If you do, please make sure they are first switched on at the main switch on the wall.
Once switched on, make sure the switch on the top is on the hand symbol and then turn the dial to control the temperature.
Please do not cover these radiators with anything as this is a fire hazard.

Departing from your apartment

Our check out time is by 11am.
If you require a late checkout, please let us know the day prior to your departure and we will let you know if this is possible.
There may be an additional charge, depending on the length of your departure extension but you will be informed of this by the member of the team that you speak to.

We kindly ask that the apartment is left in an acceptable way, however, do not worry about fully cleaning the apartment as our housekeeping team will go in after your departure.
If for any reason we feel the apartment will require extra cleaning, we will take photos and let you know of the additional charge.

When you are ready to leave, please lock the door to the apartment and take both keys out with you.
Both keys will need to be deposited in the designated Kspace post box on the ground floor next to the main door.

Please do not deposit them back into the key box you collected them from, leave them in the apartment or post them in the box that correlates to your apartment number.

Terms and Conditions


Weekly in advance


72 hours throughout



Thank you for choosing Serviced City Pads as your accomodation provider. We hope you have an enjoyable stay.

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Serviced City Pads Team

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