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Vizion Central 1 Bedroom Apartment
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Apartment Address
Milton Keynes

Check-in Details

10.06.2024 (15:00)

14.06.2024 (10:00)

Length of stay

Guests / Apartments
1  /  1

Apartment Breakdown

1 x 1 Bedroom Apartment with On-Street Parking  ( Non-Height Restrictive ) Free from 6pm onwards.


Guest Contact
Paschal Magee

Client Contact
Dawson Wam

Cost Code

Office Origin


Price Per Night

£120 +VAT

Total Cost

£480 +VAT

Arrival Process

Dear Paschal,

You have a Non-Height Restrictive Parking Space outside your apartment. You also have an on-site parking space if your vehicle in 2.1 metres and under. Permit will be in your envelope.

Access the Key Box and there will be an envelope with your name on it.

Check-in is from 3.00 PM
Key collection point: Luminous House ( Landmark Offices), 300 South Row, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2FR.

We are operating a self-check-in process via a 24 hour safety key box. The key box is located behind the wooden panel ( see image attached )

Please follow the following steps :

- On the key safe is a keypad. Input your personal code 7248#

 and turn the handle clockwise.

this will open the door to the safe.
- Inside you will find different envelopes, please take the one with your name.
- The envelope will contain instructions on how to access the apartment, a location map for the apartment building, access fobs, apartment keys, and a parking permit (if requested before arrival).

Please vacate your accommodation by 10.00 AM on the date of departure (unless otherwise agreed).

Any keys, parking permits, access fobs provided must be returned by this time on your checkout date to our safety key box at Luminous House, 300 South Row, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2FR (the same place you collected your keys). We kindly request that you refrain from leaving the keys in the apartment or in the apartment postbox.

Guest Services Helpline: 01908 540 636 or 07771 519 370 

Emergency Phone Number:  07739 585 941





Terms and Conditions


Prior to check-in


None Required


4 days

Thank you for choosing Serviced City Pads as your accomodation provider. We hope you have an enjoyable stay.

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Kind Regards,
Serviced City Pads Team

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Phone: 0844 335 8866
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