Botanical bliss in Edinburgh

Edinburgh boasts one of the most beautiful country sides in the UK but that is not all. Edinburgh is also home to the Royal Botanical Garden of Edinburgh, a plant and nature lover’s paradise. This exquisite botanical garden is home to not only indigenous plants, but also beautiful botanicals from around the world.

Different sections of the Edinburgh botanical garden have different beauties and sights to offer each visitor. You can even book one of the garden’s venues for a super special occasion celebration. This nature treasure trove is a must visit for anyone who loves the world of green and colourful things.

Going green in Edinburgh

When you travel to Edinburgh to experience the beauty and wonder of the botanical garden you just have to stay in serviced apartments Edinburgh. Serviced apartments in Edinburgh offer you a low cost accommodation alternative that is cosy and cost effective. Depending on your travel budget you can take your pick of serviced apartments in Edinburgh ranging from ultra luxurious to trendy and modest.

It all boils down to personal preference and budget as to which serviced apartments in Edinburgh you want to stay in. Coming to Edinburgh to enjoy the botanical garden is a wonderful way to relax, get in tough with the earth and to recharge your batteries.

Visit in fall for beautiful leaf carpets and colours. Come to the garden in spring to see and smell all the new blooms. This garden has something to offer everyone in every season of the year so come and enjoy, you won’t regret a minute of it.