Bristol Accommodation for visitors to Bristol Zoo.

Bristol zoo is the world’s oldest provincial zoo having first opened in 1836. The zoo has been celebrating its 175th birthday in 2011 as had seen lots of different events take place to commemorate this event. So now is a good a time as ever to head over to Bristol and experience the magic and wonder of the zoo. With plenty of other things to see and do in Bristol, be sure to get yourself some accommodation for your stay in Bristol and enjoy all the delights the jewel of the Southwest has to offer.

One of the most famous features of the 175th birthday celebration is Wow! Gorillas a unique art trail through the city where 60 life like sculptures of gorillas have been made and individually painted by local artists, organisations and charities. The zoo covers a small area in modern standard, but houses a considerable array of different animal species such as lions, penguins, flamingos, monkeys and all the other usual suspects.

If you’re planning on travelling to Bristol to see the zoo and are looking for somewhere to stay, why not try getting a Bristol serviced apartment as an alternative to the usual hotel options? Booking apartment accommodation in Bristol offers most the benefits of a hotel but you also get the use of a whole apartment giving you a home-from-home feel. Also the self-catering nature of the apartments means you have more flexibility for cooking meals so you aren’t restricted to eating out at expensive restaurants or questionable hotel cafeterias.