Bristol Accommodation when going to see the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Bristol is a famous old city and has many landmarks that you can associate with the city. One that seems to stand out over all others however, is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by the great engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel. It has become a symbol of the city and attracts visitors from all other the world.  For those looking to see the bridge, it would be a great idea to stay in Bristol for a while and see all the other sights the city has to offer.

The Clifton Suspension bridge was opened in 1864, 33 years after work first started on the bridge. The bridge project was delayed by financial and political difficulties and was actually abandoned at one point with only the towers having been built. In total the bridge is 412 metres long, 9.4m wide and 75m above the high water level. Currently there is a toll of 50p per vehicle, and with average daily traffic of over 10,000, that’s over £5000 a day of income, as well as whatever is sold in the gift shop (The Interpretation Centre open 10am – 5pm daily.) Just recently it was announced that a new £2million visitor centre was to be built at end of the bridge to replace the temporary building currently being used. This is scheduled to be completed in time for the 150th anniversary of the opening of the bridge, so December 2014.

If you’re thinking of heading to Bristol to see the bridge and take in any of the other wonderful sights and sounds that Bristol has to offer, then you will probably be looking to get some accommodation in Bristol sorted for your stay. Most people would at first think about getting hotels; however an increasing number of people are turning to serviced apartments as their accommodation option of choice. Instead of getting a single hotel room, you can book a whole apartment to enjoy for your stay including a fully fitted kitchen, lounge with flat screen TV, separate bedroom and often en-suite bathrooms. There is a good selection of serviced apartments in Bristol to choose from if you are visiting the city, so why not get in touch with someone like Serviced City Pads to see what apartment accommodation options you can get for your stay in Bristol while seeing the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge.