Business As Usual In Southampton

Southampton is a major port on the south coast of England. As well as being the home of some of the largest and most famous companies in England, such as the Ford Transit factory and Ordnance Survey, it is also well known for some of the larger cruise ships in England. Southampton is a maritime centre with the docks being one of the largest employers. The city also has a thriving employment rate with retail representing a large proportion of the industry, and there are many hotels in Southampton to accommodate this demand.

From cruise ships to major retail complexes, Southampton has it all – with many businesses travelling from all over the world to hold conferences and sort out the affairs of major companies with branches worldwide. With a large airport and being a major port, Southampton is easy to travel to and the delights of the city mean that many business people decide to stay their whilst conducting business. Hotels in Southampton are therefore in constant demand.

Finding corporate accommodation in Southampton can be difficult as the city is so large. The company that supplies the accommodation has to be trustworthy and provide apartments that are clean, well furnished to a high standard but also give good value. Here at Serviced City Pads we can offer you a corporate account with a monthly invoice to make payment easier. To make your life a little easier we can even locate the perfect apartment for you, whether it is for a client or an employee of your company. All our apartments offer good value compared to hotels and offer a high standard of corporate accommodation in Southampton.