Business in London? Book yourself a serviced apartment.

London is one of the business capitals of the world with millions of people visiting the city every month on business. As such, the city has a large selection of venues located in its various different areas and the city itself has much to offer visitors. Over the coming months London will host some of the largest international conferences including; the World Mining Investment Congress, the 4th International Conference on Ovarian Cancer Screening, the Enterprise Architecture European Conference 2011 and the Nuclear Industry Forum 2011 just to name a few.

For all these thousands and millions of visitors, accommodation is obviously going to be a big part of the planning. Serviced apartments are the sensible choice for people on business in London. Staying in a hotel is always a nice luxury; however the novelty soon wears off after a week in a hotel. Never mind the service of a hotel, after several nights going back to the same four walls of a hotel room, sat on your bed for the entire evening, the whole experience can get quite monotonous. That’s why nowadays the enlightened business traveller will always plump for a serviced apartment option when looking for their corporate London accommodation.

A serviced apartment can be a heaven-sent commodity for the businessman staying for several weeks. just having the space of an apartment makes such a difference. The mental side of being able to change rooms, move from watching TV in the lounge, to making yourself a quick sandwich in the kitchen to going to be in the bedroom helps stop the onset of boredom that you will often find when staying in a hotel room for several nights in a row. One of the best features of serviced apartments that corporate guests often love is the fact you get your own full fitted kitchen. This means you can keep and cook your own food rather than relying on takeaways and restaurants which again, can be a novelty at first but soon become very tiresome. Not to mention expensive!

With serviced apartments located all across London whether you are stating in Kensington, Mayfair, Bayswater, Covent Garden, Whitechapel or in the City, you will always find a serviced apartment close by to satisfy your accommodation needs. And what better place to look than at Serviced City Pads who have a wide range of London apartments to offer.