What Do Businesses and Travellers Want?

Here at Serviced City Pads we recently surveyed our corporate clients to determine their priorities when sourcing, pricing and securing accommodation. The results were far from surprising, but we like to keep in touch with our customers and ensure that we are always working with their needs at the forefront of our thoughts.

It is clear that travellers themselves rate convenience to be their top priority (64%), followed by cost (19%) and comfort (17%) which rank at a close second and third. However, the companies which finance employee travel rank cost savings as their top priority, particularly when staff travel regularly across the UK to manage projects, attend business meetings, source goods and meet clients. So how do we manage to keep both employees, and their employers, satisfied?

Understandably travellers who have to spend many nights, or even weeks away from home, want their stay to be straight forward and simple. They need to know where they’ll be staying, all of the facilities available, who to contact if they have a request and all their check-in details. So, we provide all of our guests with a comprehensive check in guide, allowing them to settle into their accommodation with ease – without a second thought.

We also only offer quality properties to our clients, properties which we know will be 4* quality and provide guests with all the amenities imaginable including free wi-fi, onsite parking and freeview television. For long stays, guests are guaranteed that their apartments will be cleaned once a week, removing the inconvenient intrusion of daily cleans from their day. All of this comes at a reduced cost, as we offer carefully tailored corporate rates to our business clients – keeping both employees and employers satisfied.

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