Can serviced apartments offer you more than hotels near Cardiff airport?

Cardiff airport provides the people of Wales with a gateway to the rest of the world. With an impressive selection of scheduled and charter flights available, it is possible to visit a number of destinations all over the world directly from this bustling airport. As Cardiff airport offers such a wide selection of flights, travellers often come from far distances to take advantage of what is on offer.

Many of those which do choose to depart from Cardiff airport require accommodation the night before they fly. This may be because their flight leaves early in the morning or just because they want to ensure they are at the airport in plenty of time. Whatever the reason, most travellers want quality accommodation.

Hotels near Cardiff airport are an obvious solution and can offer a decent service. However, they can also be quite basic, impersonal or expensive due to their convenient location. For those which do not want to stay in accommodation like this, serviced apartments make a great alternative.

Serviced apartments near Cardiff offer a lot that hotels in the area cannot. Hotels near Cardiff airport are not able to provide spacious accommodation, are not able to provide self-catering facilities and do not always offer a relaxing and comfortable place to stay. Serviced apartments provide guests with all of these things whilst still providing affordable accommodation too.

At Serviced City Pads, we have a collection of serviced apartments available in Cardiff that will be perfect for your wants and needs.