Catching Some Cricket And A Serviced Apartment Manchester

Everybody knows that “The Sport” of the UK is football. The popularity of football (soccer) across the UK is unrivalled by any other sport. However, this does not rule out the popularity of other sports in their own right. Cricket may not be football, but is hugely popular with most Britons across the width and length of England.

For this reason it is not uncommon for you to want to travel to another city to catch an important match. But where to stay and how to fit that expense into your budget? The answer is simple and more affordable than you may think.

Making your wickets more affordable

Cricket is the most popular sport in Manchester but there are several cricket clubs and games are always in play during cricket season. Labelled as a gentleman’s sport, cricket has a loyal following, who come to Manchester to catch the games. Staying in a hotel can prove costly beyond what your budget can allow. This means that you may be inclined to stay home and watch that game on the television.

Forget the goggle box and book yourself a serviced apartment in Manchester. No matter how small or how big the game, nothing beats being there in person. You can afford serviced apartments Manchester on any budget. As an extra incentive if you are hard up, why not club together and go as a group.

As they say, the more the merrier and now you can afford to have more of your friends go with you. There are serviced apartments in Manchester to suit every budget so you can catch that game live.