Celebrate Bastille Day in London

There is large French community in London working in a range of sectors fro Finance through to Catering and Travel, Batille Day is the French National Day which is celebrated on July 14 every year. 2011 is no exception and there will be a wide range of celebrations throughout London to celebrate this momentous day. Serviced City Pads supply short and long stay serviced apartment accommodation throughout London, serviced apartments are a great alternative to hotels and are are home away form home. You can contact Serviced City Pads either through the reservations team or book online apartments in London from 1 night to 1 year.

Bastille day is the legacy of the French revolution as the people of France rose up against the Monarchy in France and what people considered the wonderful conclusion of the French revolution. The origin of the current celebration and proposed date of July 14 was back in 1880 and has remained the celebration date ever since. In France there is a large military parade held in the morning which is held in the Champs Elysee’s from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde, where the President of the French Republic, his governmment and foreign ambassadors to France stand. This parade is the oldest military parade in the world. Serviced City Pads.

The Bastille Day celebrations in London in 2011 with Bastille Theatre week which actually runs until Spetember 25, this is being held at the Lion and Unicorn theatre in Kentish Town NW5, there will be 3 shows ‘Crises et Chuchotement’, this play sent at the end of the 19th follows Agnes who dies in the family manor, two sister Karin and Maria, came to assist, bit only the maid Anna manages to help her. Karin the eldest, is married to a man she does not rigid. She admits to herself being superficial and carless. Serviced City Pads.The sister succeed at the bedside of the patient. After the death of the latter, in addition to the problems of the succession, Karin and Maria try to speak, to know, unspoken hate. Anna the maid is authorised to make an object that belonged to the deceased before leaving, she chose to take nothing but steals her diary.’La Nuit Des Rois’ and ‘Lady Mac Wata/Ghost Lamp’, the particular play starts with a storm sinking a ship that transports from Messina Viola and her twin Sebastian. Serviced City Pads.

The two young men surviced the sinking bit fail in two different places on the other coast, each believing he has lost his twin. Viola disguises herself as a page to the Island Duke and falls in love with him, her brother returns to celebrate their love’. – their is a small charge from £6 – £9 to gain entrance.Serviced City Pads.