Central Perk in Liverpool – a must for any Friends fan!

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t love watching old episodes of Friends . The American sitcom captured the hearts of viewers all over the world, and ran for a whopping 10 series! Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey are now icons of the 90s and fans often relate to the characters. The series was witty yet at times emotional. The characters were subject to dramatic twists which kept viewers glued to their seats. The Ross and Rachel storyline ran for years, but never got old and viewers will have been happy to learn that in the final episode the couple were finally reunited – for good we hope.
One of the most iconic settings of the sitcom was Central Perk, the coffee house the six friends would visit daily and sit on that huge sofa cracking out the gags. Something any Friends fan will have dreamed of visiting. Well now you can! Central Perk has opened in Liverpool at Hatton Garden. The coffee house looks exactly the same as the iconic Friends set and even has the same menu! It’s been terrifically done, and is a must see for anyone who’s ever seen Friends! Central Perk in Liverpool has loads of fun events taking place, including an open mic night aptly named “Finding Phoebe.”
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