City of London serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are beginning to play a more important role in the accommodation sector in London. Serviced City Pads, a corporate accommodation account management service which deals with both very short stay apartments in London, so stays from as little as 1 or 2 days, as well as intermediate stays in London, which are generally anything from a 1-6 month stay; has noticed that companies are starting to prefer staying in an apartment instead of staying in a hotel in London.

Apart from the obvious issues with space that staying in a hotel room presents to a corporate guest who is staying in London for more than a couple of days, there is also an economic consideration. If you are working away from home in the city of London for a couple of months, perhaps you are a project worker in London or a contractor, the serviced apartment booking company will be able to cut a deal that works out cheaper than staying in a good quality London hotel. Saving money for companies that are booking accommodation in London is important to Serviced City Pads. It is clearly important to companies that are operating in what is a very difficult economic climate and saving money helps the company turn a profit from any projects that it is working in the city of London. These companies that are working in the City of London tend to be IT or finance consultants who bring their own expertise to other city based companies.

Aside from a money saving exercise, at Serviced City Pads we feel that we can demonstrate that we will save your company time and resource by booking London accommodation. We see time and again that office managers spend hours trawling through the internet in the hope that they will find a cheap serviced apartment in London, and then when they do find an apartment at the right price, they don’t have the relationship that they could have with Serviced City Pads to answer any questions that they have about the quality and location of the accommodation. Serviced City Pads is a business that is built on relationships and trust.

Of course, I say you can ignore space when comparing staying in a serviced apartment in London v a hotel in London, but you can’t really can you? Whenever I have stayed away from home with work I have always craved the additional space that an apartment offers, and it is incredibly annoying having to watch your tv perched on the end of your bed in your hotel room, unless you are lucky or rich enough to be able to stay in a hotel suite, but that’s what a serviced apartment is and more, and at considerable cost savings to the business!

If you or your company is planning an extended stay in London then perhaps you should consider calling Serviced City Pads. There is no obligation or cost involved and we will be happy to discuss what you need from your London accommodation. Serviced apartments may be an alternative that you didn’t know existed, and working with us will save you time and money; that has got to be a good thing hasn’t it?

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