City of London Serviced Apartments

Please visit Serviced City Pads website to view a large range of serviced apartments in London and you can visit the famous ‘City Of London’ its boundaries have remained unchanged since the middle ages and it is now only a tiny part of the metrpolis of London. It is often referred to as the City or the Square Mile, as it is just over one square mile in area. These terms are often used as metonimies for the United Kingdoms financial services industry, which has historically beed based here. Serviced London Apartments are becoming very popular with workers in the city to stay on a weekly basis, they offer a ‘Home away from Home’ feeling with 50% additional space and can often save money versus a Hotel Room.

In the medieval period, the City was the full extent of London. The term London now refers to a much larger conurbation roughly corresponding to Greater London, a local government area which inludes 32 London boroughs as well as the City of London, which is not one of the 32 boroughs. The local authority for the city, the City of London Corporation , is unique in the United Kingdom and has some unsual responsibilities for a local authority in Britain, such as being the police authority for the City. It also has responsibilities and ownerships beyond the city’s boundaries. The Corporation is headed by the Lord Mayor of the City of London, a seperate (and much older ) office to the Mayor of London.

The City is today a major business and financial centre, ranking on par with New York City as the leading centre of glabal finance, in the 19th century, the City served as the worlds primary business centre. The city has a resident population of approximately 8,000, but around 340,000 people work there, mainly in the financial services sector. The legal profession form a major component of the western side of the city, in and around the Inns of Court of which two – the Inner and Middle Temples – fall within the City of London boundary. Many tourist also visit the City of London and find london accommodation really enjoyable when staying in a London Serviced Apartment through Serviced City Pads. Please contact the reservations team on 0844 335 8866.