City of London/Canary Wharf

The City of London has been in existence since the middles ages and is also known as the Square Mile and geographically it is literally just over 1 square mile. I have always enjoyed visiting the city particularly due to its business vibrancy where many financial institutions are located and the Bank of England. The City of London is a major global financial centre. I recently visited the City only a few weeks previously on business and contacted Serviced City Pads, a member of the reservations team sourced a 1 bedroom Serviced Apartment in the City of London only 200 metres from St Pauls Cathedral.
The City of London ranks among one of the major business and financial centres alongside New York and just over a quarter of million people work in this area. The City of London’s history dates back to the 18th century which was a massive period of growth for London and many of London’s population settled here due to the really central location. The modern city of London as you can see today developed during the start of the 20th century when the majority of the population moved out to London’s suburbs which made way for the modern office blocks which house the many global financial institutions.
Canary Wharf is just over 4 kilometres east of the City of London along the main east London artery of Commercial Road which takes about 15 minutes to drive alternatively you can the tube and then London light railway system. Canary Wharf literal location on the West India Dock on the Isle of Dogs was initially built at the start of the 1990’s by the Reichmann Brothers at Olympia and York. About 90,000 people work at Canary Wharf and have many European Headquarters of major banks and professional services firms and media organisations. Some of the firms located at Canary Wharf are companies Barclays, Citigroup and the law firm Clifford Chance, there are many more firms as commercial office space appears to being built constantly and the area seems to change year on year. This has also increased the requirement for residential property and many Serviced Apartments in Canary Wharf have begun to appear alongside the large corporate buildings and the whole complex looks very impressive. I recently returned from a business trip to Canary Wharf and was very impressed with the commercial buildings and in particularly the new apartment buildings. Transportation couldn’t be easier on the Docklands Light Rail Service