Come and enjoy Ceilidh Culture

Now, you may be wondering exactly what Ceilidh Culture is. Ceilidh Culture is an event, or rather a timeline of events that takes place in Edinburgh each year. It is a celebration of traditional culture from song, dance and music to story telling.

There is a buffet of events for you to choose from and they take place all over Edinburgh. The next Ceilidh Culture festival takes place from March 26th to April 18th, 2010, so you should start planning already.

Not familiar with the traditional cultural arts? Not a problem, you can find everything out at the festival and you can even participate in introductions to dances and other activities. There really is no excuse for anyone not to come and enjoy the very best that traditional cultural arts have to offer.

Come and stay with us

Because the Ceilidh Culture festival runs over an entire month, it may not be possible for you to experience enough of this cultural magic in just a weekend. You need to stay a bit longer and that normally means incurring hefty accommodation costs. Not so when you stay in serviced apartments in Edinburgh.

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