Corporate Accommodation in London for the Bank of England

For corporate accommodation in the City of London, a lot of businesses are centred around the Bank of England (formally known as the Governor and Company of the Bank of England.) This is the central bank of the United Kingdom, the model in which most central banks have been based worldwide.  The bank itself was established in 1694, more than 300 years ago which makes it the second oldest central bank in the world and today it still acts as the banker for HM Government. Originally the bank was privately owned and operated, however it was nationalised after the war in 1946 and has remained so ever since. Although in 1997 it became an independent public organisation which gave it independence in setting monetary policy.

There are plenty of serviced accommodation options close to the Bank’s headquarters which is located in the City of London, the city’s main financial district. It is located on Threadneedle Street which is in the heart of the City. Getting serviced accommodation in London is becoming increasingly popular amongst people working and staying in the city on a short to medium term basis. Booking a serviced apartment can often work out cheaper than staying in an equivalent hotel, with many more benefits. The main advantage is space, which if you are staying and living somewhere for an extended period of time, makes a huge difference. Staying in a hotel room is fine for a few days, but after that it can all stop to feel slightly claustrophobic. With a serviced apartment that is no problem.

When looking for London serviced accommodation, a great place to start would be through a booking agent such as Serviced City Pads who can provide a range of different options for serviced apartments in the City of London. We have a range of apartment options close to the Bank of England perfect for corporate stays. With 1 and 2 bedroom apartments located on Lombard Lane, Watling Street, St. Paul’s and other locations close by, try Serviced City Pads if you’re looking for serviced accommodation in the City of London.