Corporate stays in London with Serviced City Pads

London is arguably the finance capital of the world with all of the world’s top banks having large offices in London. London is quite unusual in that two centres for financial trade exist, where you would normally expect one geographical area to dominate.

Historically, it is the City of London that has been the Capital’s powerhouse. This is the area known as the Square Mile, where financial institutions have existed for hundreds of years. It is here where the Bank of England was built amongst many other financial institutions. The second area, further east from the City of London, is known as Canary Wharf. This is a purpose built area in London where there are many new skyscrapers supporting the likes of HSBC and KPMG. Initially, it was suggested that all of the major financial companies in London would leave the square mile and head towards Canary Wharf (much in the same way as the newspapers did with Fleet Street). This hasn’t happened and the two co-exist. This is partly due to their close proximity. You can cross from Canary Wharf to the City in less than 30 minutes; as well as the lack of space to build additional buidlings in London (although there does always seem to be land to build more apartments in london!).

Much of the London workforce is made up of expat workers who have been sent to work in London either on long term or short term contracts. It is likely that if you are one of these company workers you will end up working in either Canary Wharf of The City of London. Depending on the length of stay in London you might choose to stay in a hotel in London, however an alternative to this is staying in a serviced apartment in London. If you work for a Hedge fund then there may be a chance that you require an apartment in Mayfair or St. James areas of Central London.

Serviced City Pads is a company that can offer serviced apartments in Canary Wharf as well as City of London city apartments. Staying in one of these types of london accommodation will not only be homely than staying in a hotel, you will also be afforded more space and less formality. These are the things that people prefer about staying in a London serviced apartment. There is also the option of an apartment in Mayfair.

There will be a plethora of restaurants in London from which you can choose where to dine, as well as London gyms and bars aplenty. Choosing the right apartment will mean that you will find yourself within a short distance of your place of work which will mean less time commuting across Central London and more time enjoying what London has to offer in terms of the tourist attractions and leisure facilities that is famous for. Even though you are working in London it shouldn’t mean that your stay is just about work. Enjoy yourself, relax in your apartment which will become your home away from home, during your corporate stay in London.

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