Corporate Use Of Liverpool Serviced Apartments

Everyone wants comfort, ease and elegance when travelling away from home on business trips, and while many travellers make use of high end hotels which offer 24 hour services, there is an alternative.

Serviced Pads offer the ideal solution, not only do they provide the equivalent in elegance, comfort and services which can be found in any high end hotel, they also provide spacious, private and comfortable living quarters whilst providing all the services associated with hotel stays.

Serviced pads fit in very well somewhere between a hotel and a conventional month to month rental, but without the need to sign long leases, put down deposits and buy furniture and fittings

They also offer the traveller an improved working environment and, importantly they offer your company a cost-effective alternative by keeping business expenses low.

Make yourself comfortable

Whether you need an extended stay location or you are only staying one night, serviced pads offer you a home away from home. Whether you are looking for a place to stay that allows you to eat and drink what and when it suits you, entertain business colleagues or friends in private, or if you are hosting a dinner party you can either make use of the kitchen, or order catering from room service.

Hotels can be impersonal, cramped and expensive and they do not offer living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and the option of multiple bedrooms. Serviced apartments can be what you need as a place where you can bring your family for a short holiday, or move them in indefinitely, serviced pads offer this.