Dave Gorman performing in London, stay in a serviced apartment.

In November you need to be heading down to London to see Dave Gorman return with a new show. The unique and hilarious comedian is touring the UK through October and November and he arrives into London on the 24th November. With plenty of London accommodation options to be had, why not try staying in a serviced apartment?

If the name ‘Dave Gorman’ doesn’t ring any bells with you, then be prepared to get those bells rung. Dave Gorman is a British comedian best known for his style of telling stories of his crazy adventures and quests. One the early examples of this, and one that brought him to mainstream fame, was ‘Are you Dave Gorman?’ which was show based around the idea of him trying to find and meet other people called ‘Dave Gorman.’ This started as a drunken bet between Dave and his housemate, bit quickly turned into a serious quest and became a TV series and later a stand up show.

His next famous adventure was his ‘Googlewhack Adventure’ which was based around the idea of finding new Googlewhacks (a Googlewhack is when you make a search on Google and come up with only 1 single result after typing in only 2 words that can be found in the dictionary.) After finding he had one of these on his website, he became obsessed with finding more and his travels took him across the world and again spawned a new show which was very popular.

Other popular things that Dave has done include ‘American Unchained’ where he attempts to travel the width of the USA on a roadtrip, without using and corporate or chain-style businesses. He did this after he made a previous trip to the country where he only stayed in these types of hotels and used these types of services, and decided to see if it was possible to not do that.

Gorman’s new show is based around Powerpoint, the presentation tool that everyone loves to hate, and this is the latest show from one of the UK’s most inventive comedians. As well as his usual eccentric and original observations, this new show delves into the confusing world of social media, great literary Jews and the truth behind online comment forums. And don’t worry, there’ll be loads of bullet points involved.

For those travelling down to London to see the show, why not try staying in a serviced apartment for your stay and enjoy the city in style. Serviced City Pads have a wide selection of London serviced apartments to offer all across the city. London is a huge place, but has a very extensive tube and bus network so no matter where you are staying  you will be always be close to where you need to go. The Gorman gig takes places at Hammersmith Apollo which is a few minutes from Hammersmith Tube which is on Circle, Hammersmith & City, District and Piccadilly lines so one of the most accessible places by Tube in London.