Dolphin Square, Where You rub Shoulders With The Famous Of London

When you rent luxury serviced apartments in London’s Dolphin Square, you are staying in what has been called a ‘Bourgeois Council Estate’ for the privileged few. In the past judges, politicians and civil servants stayed there at highly-preferential rates. MPs’ expense claims, it seems, are nothing new – they’ve been a part of political life since the hungry 1930s.

Dolphin Square was built between 1935 and 1937, but fits in with Pimlico’s earlier architecture seamlessly. Designed as private apartments in London, at the time of building it was the largest self-contained block of flats in Europe, and the template for many post-war municipal developments – although there the similarity ends.

In his 1935 book, “Dolphin Square,” A. P. Herbert described it as “a city of 1,250 flats, each enjoying [both] the advantages of [a] separate house and … big communal dwelling place.” He penned the crass observation that, since Dolphin Square residents were provided with a restaurant, the wives would not have enough to do! “A little drudgery is good for wives, perhaps. The Dolphin lady may be spoiled.”

Certainly, those renting luxury serviced apartments in London’s Dolphin Square today will be spoiled. Now, as then, the estate boasts every luxury with a swimming pool, hotel, restaurant, gym, tennis court, croquet lawn and shopping arcade. Hell-raising actor Peter Finch and Christine Keeler both stayed here. The serviced apartments in London you rent today, may have housed Prime Minister Harold Wilson or Princess Anne.

There are many good reasons for staying at Dolphin Square, when thinking of renting luxury serviced apartments in London, from us at Serviced City Pads.